Posed vs. Lifestyle Newborn Photography – How to choose?

Posed vs. Lifestyle Newborn Photography
- how to choose the right one for you?


Welcoming a new baby into your family is one of the most incredible experiences in your life.  Just think of all the sweet tiny little details – the bubbly little fingers and toes, the precious soft newborn skin, the delicate soft newborn hair… I could go on and on!  It's so important to preserve these wonderful details, because within what seems to be a blink of an eye these details become distant but cherished memories.  So you made the right decision to hire a photographer to capture these moments YAY! Go you!  But you find out that some photographers offer "posed sessions" and others offer "lifestyle sessions" and confusion sets in.  All you want is to have images of your sweet brand new baby and are feeling unsure about which ones to go with.

Honestly there is no right or wrong decision; it's simply a matter of personal preference.  In the end you will have wonderful images of your sweet new babe to love and cherish for many years to come.

Please allow me to show you the difference between posed and lifestyle newborn photography with real-life examples of both styles.  I will be using the images from two sessions I captured of my sweet baby model Phoenix and her adoring family.  I hope that seeing the two styles side by side will make your decision much simpler.

These are some of the differences between the two session types:


Timing is everything in newborn photography.  Your baby's age is very important when deciding which session is right for you.



Before two weeks of age


within the first 6 weeks

newborn baby girl posed with her chin on her arms laying on her belly
newborn baby wrapped in hospital wrap


Another important difference between the two types is the location in which the session takes place.


In Studio or In your home


In your home

newborn baby girl swaddled in pink wrap with an unicorn headband and an unicorn toy on white fuzzy background
parents standing in front of a mirrow holding newborn baby


When comparing the two types it is important to note that the length of a session can greatly vary.  We are working with newborns afterall, and they are running the show.  A lot depends on how "happy" they are on a given day.


2-4 hours


up to 2 hours

newborn baby simply wrapped in white swaddle on natural white bachground
parents with baby on bed with dog looking on

Lighting and Editing

Another difference between the two session types is the available light.  In lifestyle sessions the images can somewhat vary as each home has a different quality of light.  That is why the editing of these images can also vary.  Studio lighting and the editing of studio images tends to be very consistent.


consistent in sudio


varies with each home

newborn baby girl swaddled in pink wrap with flower headband laying on a fuzzy blanket
mom holding her baby in front of a window


The final difference between the two session types is also the most important one in my opinion.  Both sessions focus on the brand new baby and all of the cute little details (such as the bubbly toes - my favorite), but a posed newborn session places more emphasis on creative images of the newborn and the lifestyle session more on the connection between the family members and the baby.


creativity and baby


connection and family

newborn baby girl swaddled in white with an unicorn head band and unicorn toy
parents laying in bed holding hands with newborn baby laying between them

Posed Newborn Session

Lifestyle Newborn Session

I hope that this will help you with choosing the type of newborn photography session that best fits your style.

I offer both styles, so get in touch and schedule your newborn session with me!