Newborn Photography

There is no denying that welcoming a new baby into your family is one of the most magical experiences in your life.  Just think of all the sweet tiny little details – the bubbly little fingers and toes, the precious soft newborn skin, the delicate soft newborn hair… I could go on for days! I am told all the time, that these are the things you will miss the most as they grow and change. Within what seems to be a blink of an eye these details become distant but cherished memories.

Your baby will be this delicate and tiny only once!

Allow me to capture these fleeting moments of innocence and beauty in professional photographs and to preserve them for you and your loved ones to treasure for many years to come.

I will work with you to come up with ideas for the images and to give you the style you love.

The two types of newborn photography I offer are posed sessions and lifestyle sessions.

In posed sessions your sleeping baby is gently guided into adorable curled up poses, snugly wrapped, and placed in cute props.  Lifestyle photography captures your life and your style.  These sessions generally don’t involve props or much posing.  Instead, they are more natural and candid in nature, with the primary focus placed on your interaction as a family in your home.  My goal is to simply capture you being you, loving your newborn baby.

Most of all I wish to give you a fun, laid back photo session, during which you and your little one are comfortable and relaxed.  Therefore, my photo sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or at my in-home Studio

I can't wait to hear from you and to meet your sweet bundle of joy!

Posed Newborn Session

This is the popular type of newborn photography during which the baby is placed into cute sleepy poses, wearing hats, bows, bonnets, and wraps.  To be able to do those poses the baby needs to be in a deep sleep.  This type of session takes generally about three to four hours. Some reasons these sessions take this amount of time include pose adjustments, adding of props, allowing for time to get the baby changed, fed and back to sleep.

To assure that this type of session is successful it is preferable that the baby is between 6-14 days old at the time of the photo shoot. I offer this style of session in studio as well as in-home.  Having me come to your home for this type of session can be more convenient as you may not be comfortable leaving your home within the first two weeks after birth.  

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Another type of newborn photography that is becoming increasingly more popular is lifestyle newborn photography.  This type of session can be done when the baby is older than 14 days.  It is less time consuming because the baby does not need to be asleep, and takes about two hours. Some of the best lifestyle newborn photos in fact are the ones with the baby's beautiful big eyes open.

During a lifestyle session I will capture the precious moments between you and your baby as you are cuddling, playing, and interacting.  Although I would place you in a few poses, I also really love capturing the candid moments.  These sessions can be done in any room of your home as well as outdoors.

guide to different types of newborn sessions