Family Photography in Ipswich Massachusetts – Strawberry Hill

Family Session on Strawberry Hill in Ipswich MA

I was super excited and felt honored when my friend and fellow photographer asked me to photograph her beautiful family.  No pressure! Right?!   It turns out a photographer's family is very easy to work with - they strike a pose whenever they see me put up my camera to click.   When I said to her 6 year old son how he must be used to it being a photographer's son, he jokingly said "I don't like being a photographer's son".  He warmed up to me quickly and we had a lot of fun teasing each other throughout the session.

Strawberry Hill is my new favorite location for family portraits.  There is such a variety of looks including different types of trees, a beautiful grassy field and a marsh area with a little beach - all in this one location. I'm in love!